BLOG TOUR Day 6: Butterflies are Free

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The grand finale: Rainbow Gold Reviews! Here you will find a honest review from an awesome review site! 😀 And it’s a good review, too! 🙂 Dana gave Butterflies are Free an 8.5/10 pots of gold and she said that she’d recommend it, too! Her words: “The story is short, and bittersweet, but I would recommend it. It has an important message and I look forward to reading the next book in the series.”

*dances* I ❤ getting good reviews (who doesn’t, right?), and it seems like every single time I send away one of my books to be reviewed, I get this nervous knot in my belly… and then I get the review back and it releases into this super-crazy-happy-mental happy dance! 😀

So… the grand finale here at Rainbow Gold Reviews brings us a super review of Butterflies, an excerpt from the novel, annnnnd in case you’ve not been following it, promo for Never See the Light, the free serial posted up on this very blog! (Chapters 1-3 are up thus far.)

Go check it out for yourself! 😀

And, gentle friends, a last gentle reminder: Butterflies are Free is only on Amazon until December! You can buy it there or check it out from the lending library for free if you are an Amazon Prime member!

BLOG TOUR Day 2: Butterflies are Free

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Day two finds us with Carly Rose at Carly’s Book Reviews!!! Last tour, I made a new friend when Carly hosted us, and so naturally when setting up my tour, I thought of her. When asked if she wanted to host me a second time, she jumped at the chance! 😀 And… she offered to review! 😀 Yay!

Here at Carly’s today you will find a guest post about my fascination with siblings, a BONUS scene (I love to write these!!!), and Carly’s amazing FIVE STAR REVIEW of Butterflies are Free!!! So what are you waiting for? Come down and see us at Carly’s Book Reviews!

Remember, for the next three months, Butterflies will only be available on Amazon as I’m trying out the KDP lending library experience! You can find it here: Butterflies on Amazon!

See you at Carly’s! 😀


And this morning at 9 am, we found ourselves at Carly’s Book Reviews, hosted by none other than Carly Rose! (As an aside, I’ve been tantalized all week by one Kimi-chan, who knew I had this amazing review… and I finally get to read it!!!) Thank you so much, Carly!!! I am so ecstatic you loved the book!

At this stop on the tour, we have another Behind the Scenes short, this one called “The Curse.” It’s a look into Shelly’s past through a different set of eyes. Also, we have the aforementioned review, and the link to Youth First, the charity I wish to sponsor, here as well!

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And if you haven’t entered the contest… why the heck not? LOL Hit up the Rafflecopter while you’re here! Come see us at Carly’s Book Reviews!

Had enough teasing… wish to buy the book? Find World’s End here:



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See you soon! 🙂