A Little Announcement or Two :)

A Kaleidoscope of Butterflies is now up! These four shorts appeared on different blog pages throughout the Butterflies are Free blog tour. You can find them all in their original posts on the blogs below:

“A Day in the Life” originally posted up at Carly’s Book Reviews on 12 September 2014

“Interlude– Nowaki” originally posted up at The Kimi-Chan Experience on 14 September 2014

“Somewhere” originally posted up at Prism Book Alliance on 16 September 2014

“For Now” originally posted up at MM Good Book Reviews on 18 September 2014

A huge thank you again to all blog owners that helped me out this tour! To those of you that did reviews for Butterflies, thank you as well.

My second announcement– my Queer Romance Month date is this weekend!!! October 18th!!! Come check me out!!! 😀