Rainbow Snippets #5

Rainbow Snippets01

This week, I bring Aeternum back to the table, showcasing a playful scene. In in, David and Jonathan are about to do some karaoke (of the Queen and Bowie kind)… in front of the friends and family of Jonathan’s Juilliard school friends.

PS… I broke the rules by two-ish sentences.


“Wow, that’s a bold choice, but I do have the track… if you’re sure.” The emcee blinked at Jonathan, watching him steal David’s fedora before pressing a kiss to his white-blonde hair.

“I’m sure,” Jonathan confirmed. “I would do nothing to shame this beautiful man.”

David faced his boyfriend, protesting, “But… what about me? I don’t want to shame you, either.”

“You won’t. Do it like we always do at home.” Jonathan smiled at him, pushing David’s hair over his ear. “And look at me when you’re singing. Don’t look at the crowd.”

“I’m just… Mercury in front of everyone? I just don’t want to emb—” David bit his lower lip.

Jonathan smiled at him, shaking his head and placing one finger to David’s lips. “You could never.”

19 thoughts on “Rainbow Snippets #5

    1. Jonathan is extremely mindful of David, of what he will and will not do, of what he can and cannot do. He’s always been protective of him, and while they’ve been in New York, they’ve grown closer (if that’s possible), and David has grown stronger. It was wonderful to see him even agree to do karaoke with Jonathan, and I think both Jonathan and I expected him to change his mind. 🙂 I’m so proud of him for not.

    1. It’s a little bit funny, as I haven’t been able to do anything but listen to that song when I drive to work. All I hear is their voices and all I see is the two of them singing it. 😊

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