Hope & Love Anthology up at CARLY’S BOOK REVIEWS

Hope and Love Anthology

CARLY’S BOOK REVIEWS is going to be doing a review of the new HOPE & LOVE Anthology for the Milwaukee LGBT Center! Check it out! She’s got the press release and some awesome information up about the book, its authors… oh, and THE STORIES!!!! 🙂

Couple of Announcements

The Mists of World’s End are now up! The shorts appeared on different blog pages throughout the World’s End blog tour. You can find them all in their original posts on the blogs below:

“I’ll Remember” originally posted up at Prism Book Alliance on 21 July 2014

“The Diary of Shelly Gwynne: Day Three” originally posted up at V’s Reads on 23 July 2014

“The Diary of Shelly Gwynne: Day Eleven” originally posted up at Love Bytes on 24 July 2014

“The Date” originally posted up at Kimi-chan Experience Book Reviews on 25 July 2014

“The Curse” originally posted up at Carly’s Book Reviews on 26 July 2014

“The Diary of Shelly Gwynne: Day Forty-Two” originally posted up at Rainbow Gold Reviews on 28 July 2014


Second Announcement…