Rainbow Snippets #2

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Here’s the next go at the Six Sentence Sunday. Today’s comes from a WIP I have called Touch My World and it comes from my Angels All Fire series. The main characters are Gannicus and River. The story is written in first person present, so here goes:


“Unnatural,” she hisses. “I can see it.”

I don’t let her see how those five words unnerve me, saying back, “I wish he’d never met you… you empty-headed, cold-hearted Barbie doll.”

She can’t say what she wants because if she does, then she reveals herself to us both and to her family and I would bet all that I own that her laws state she cannot do so, Gannicus hushes to my mind as I hold her gaze. Blink.

I do as he tells me, though I do it slowly to keep the tears from falling as he hands me his pocket square.


11 thoughts on “Rainbow Snippets #2

  1. Sounds interesting and I loved the insult – empty-headed cold-hearted Barbie doll, lol 🙂

    1. YAAAAASSSSSSSSSS!!! Now you understand exactly how long I’ve been wanting to show off that line! Sometimes, you just think to yourself, “YE GODS, now THAT’S a good one!” and you just have to tell someone about it.

      When I rediscovered that line early this week, I knew exactly what was going on RS #2!!!! 😀

    1. Oh, I’m not a big fan of Elisabeth (that’s the Barbie), but I ❤ the sibling love between River (he's the eyes you see through) and his big brother Jensen (married to Barbie). I've loved it since I first started writing it! 🙂

      The "unnatural" comment and the remark about the laws… I will see about getting something about it up for RS #3!!!

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