Rainbow Snippets #10

NASA Cygnus Loop

So for this week, I’m taking from my new WIP Pale Jewel. The scene itself is a memory Phai is thinking of, taking place when he took his lover, Jen, to follow up on a lead. Hope you like!

And… admittedly, I went a few sentences over the six limit, but I couldn’t bring myself to break up the “end” of the scene. Please forgive!


Before them in a cavern of its own, sat the house of marble, the top of which held a frieze depicting the charge of Gaugamela, the painting still very much intact. Hephaistion, wearing a billowing black chlamys, rode alongside Alexander, his chlamys crimson as it snapped in the wind. Swords at the ready, cavalry close behind, Hephaistion remembered that unique charge, and as his upper left arm itched, he remembered the spear that had sliced through it. Hugging his arms, his gaze travelled to the half-open door, to the discoloration on the bottom right hand side.

A noise jerked him out of thought and he licked his lips as he turned to find Jensen knelt beside him, tears streaming down his face. Hephaistion pocketed Jensen’s phone and took the torch from him to lodge it upright in the soft earth next to them. Hitting his knees before his man, Hephaistion wrapped around Jensen and pulled Jensen’s wet face to his shoulder. “It was a long time ago—”

“The handprint—it comes from inside—” Jensen broke off, pushing his face into Hephaistion’s neck as his arms tightened around Hephaistion. “I mean—I believed you, you know I did—I’ve seen you come back to me.”

16 thoughts on “Rainbow Snippets #10

  1. A thousand kudos for writing about Hephaistion, remembering the charge with Alexander! A thousand more kudos for your last line! It suggests the mark is something, which comes with Hephaistion’s memories, or perhaps it’s a link with Alexander himself? Alexander wasn’t exactly the type to let go of anything. Unless it’s Hephaistion who can’t let go of Alexander.

    1. I’ve been in love with Hephaistion since I very first heard of Alexander. I’ve done so much research on the two of them that it’s hard not to include things that STILL blow my mind. 🙂 And I completely agree with your assessment of Alexander and his possessions. Until Jensen, well, Hephaistion DIDN’T let go of Alexander. 🙂 Food for thought!

      As for the handprint… well, hopefully this story will see print at the end of this year and you can tell me what you think! 😀

    1. I’m so glad! ❤ This scene rips through me every time I read it and ye gods, I just love the way it came out! I hope hope hope you like it, Louise, when you read the whole thing! 🙂

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