Rainbow Snippets #10

NASA Cygnus Loop

So for this week, I’m taking from my new WIP Pale Jewel. The scene itself is a memory Phai is thinking of, taking place when he took his lover, Jen, to follow up on a lead. Hope you like!

And… admittedly, I went a few sentences over the six limit, but I couldn’t bring myself to break up the “end” of the scene. Please forgive!


Before them in a cavern of its own, sat the house of marble, the top of which held a frieze depicting the charge of Gaugamela, the painting still very much intact. Hephaistion, wearing a billowing black chlamys, rode alongside Alexander, his chlamys crimson as it snapped in the wind. Swords at the ready, cavalry close behind, Hephaistion remembered that unique charge, and as his upper left arm itched, he remembered the spear that had sliced through it. Hugging his arms, his gaze travelled to the half-open door, to the discoloration on the bottom right hand side.

A noise jerked him out of thought and he licked his lips as he turned to find Jensen knelt beside him, tears streaming down his face. Hephaistion pocketed Jensen’s phone and took the torch from him to lodge it upright in the soft earth next to them. Hitting his knees before his man, Hephaistion wrapped around Jensen and pulled Jensen’s wet face to his shoulder. “It was a long time ago—”

“The handprint—it comes from inside—” Jensen broke off, pushing his face into Hephaistion’s neck as his arms tightened around Hephaistion. “I mean—I believed you, you know I did—I’ve seen you come back to me.”

Rainbow Snippets #9

Rainbow Heart


Okay! Here’s my snippet this week! In honor of moms, I’ve chosen a snippet from my short story that never quite made it to the anthology I wished to submit to, but hopefully, I’ll find a home for it… here’s Through Her Sunken Dream, written to help bring awareness to mental illness, in specific for me, severe depression. Hope you like!


“Are you ready?”

Tara lifted her gaze to the door, seeing her mother standing there in a pretty blue dress bearing a floral pattern in lavender and pink. Her airy white sweater matched the handbag she carried in her left hand. Tara nodded, pushing her red hair over her shoulders, whispering, “Mom?”

Rebecca Webster crossed the room to cup Tara’s chin, her words quiet, “You are beautiful. You are a wonderful woman, you are my daughter, and I am so proud of you. Nothing will ever change that, Tara Diane; your dad and I couldn’t be prouder of you.”

Rainbow Snippets #8



I totally missed last week’s Snippet! Bad me! So… here for you today, another snippet from Sunken Dream. Hope you like! This one is a memory of one of the many great things that happened the day Tara met Mina.


A light knock came at the door.

Tara focused on the girl in the mirror, her face crumpling as she gasped, “I don’t think my spaceship knows which way to go!”

“Tara, baby, let me in!”

Whirling on her heel in a split second, she opened the door, pushing the blades into Mina’s hands. “Mina, I’m broken! My spaceship doesn’t know which way to go anymore!”

Rainbow Snippets #7

Rainbow Snippets01

I promised that I’d post again, because I’m finally writing again. 🙂 This is good. This is from a short story called Through Her Sunken Dream, and it’s about the effects of severe depression. It’s also two females in the lead this time, my second foray into that genre. Hope you like!

P.S.–I went a little over the six. Apologies!


Her vision blurred a bit, scaring her since the room was already dark. She shuffled over to the line of light with the moving shadow Tara figured must be her girlfriend. Her hands searched for the doorknob, slipping on the metal handle two or three times before managing to unlock the door. As it opened slowly, Mina careful of her proximity, Tara whispered, “We were snuggling… weren’t we?”

“You said you needed to pee,” Mina answered, keeping her voice calm, but her facial expression told Tara of the terror filling her. “I’m going to turn the light on, babe, because I need to see you.”

“I’m cold,” Tara told her girlfriend. “Can I have a blanket?”

Rainbow Snippets #6

Rainbow Snippets01

I’m actually going out on a limb here because I’m showing you something that’s never seen the light of day for ANYONE. Not a beta, not an editor, not anything or anyone other than my pretty little eyes. I don’t like the title, so working on that. The main characters are Caerwyn Morgan and Micah MacKenna. Caerwyn–or Ceri as Micah calls him– is an American widower living in London, where his partner died and was buried. Micah is a well-known actor who happens to live in the large flat beneath Caerwyn’s. They are on their first “date.” Micah starts the dialogue… and I couldn’t help it, I had to go one sentence over the six.


“I like hugs because you can be weak in them without having to apologize for it and, at the same time, you can draw strength from the love the person gives you while hugging you. I like kisses because I can lose myself in the kiss and really see the person I’m kissing far better than I can with my eyes open.”

Caerwyn lifted his head, gazing up into Micah’s honest mocha eyes as he thought, Interesting theory—I wonder if that’s true? I mean, not that I really could experiment to find out if that’s true or not… could I?

Caerwyn cradled the camera against his chest as he slid his free hand up to rest on Micah’s chest as he searched the other man’s face for any sign of objection. What the bloody hell are you doing, Caerwyn? Are you seriously about to kiss Micah MacKenna?

Rainbow Snippets #5

Rainbow Snippets01

This week, I bring Aeternum back to the table, showcasing a playful scene. In in, David and Jonathan are about to do some karaoke (of the Queen and Bowie kind)… in front of the friends and family of Jonathan’s Juilliard school friends.

PS… I broke the rules by two-ish sentences.


“Wow, that’s a bold choice, but I do have the track… if you’re sure.” The emcee blinked at Jonathan, watching him steal David’s fedora before pressing a kiss to his white-blonde hair.

“I’m sure,” Jonathan confirmed. “I would do nothing to shame this beautiful man.”

David faced his boyfriend, protesting, “But… what about me? I don’t want to shame you, either.”

“You won’t. Do it like we always do at home.” Jonathan smiled at him, pushing David’s hair over his ear. “And look at me when you’re singing. Don’t look at the crowd.”

“I’m just… Mercury in front of everyone? I just don’t want to emb—” David bit his lower lip.

Jonathan smiled at him, shaking his head and placing one finger to David’s lips. “You could never.”

Rainbow Snippets #4

Rainbow Snippets01

This week, I bring a new WIP to the table, one very special WIP I hope to be showing to an editor very soon, called The Sun of Tomorrow. This poor player will now fret and strut his six sentences across the page…


“This book says one very important thing, dear Winter,” Koray answered, a playful glint in his beautiful eyes. “It says that you are already in love, that you treasure one Mr. William Shakespeare.”

“Completely, if I were to admit it. I’m Elisabeth Shue in The Saint to Percy Bysshe Shelley,” Winter admitted with another blush.

“Then tonight… tonight is the greatest courtship ritual I could ever dream up.” Koray grinned, finishing, “I hope it’s as you like it.”

Rainbow Snippets #3, Expanded

Rainbow Snippets01

So I said I would give you guys more of an insight and I mean to make good on my word. Apologies for how long it took. Here’s the full scene from Touch My World, Chapter 3. Two reminders, first. Number One– this is the raw form, NO EDITOR HAS TOUCHED THIS. Number Two– it’s written in first person present, POV belongs to River.


I struggle against the pull of reverie, hating that I still habitually sink into memory, reliving it as keenly as I’d lived it before. Now that I know that I can eat similarly to people—living off of animals—I choose not to hunt within city limits, which has weakened me considerably, resulting in long periods of near-unconsciousness where memory ebbs and flows like an angry tide. It’s the first time in almost four and half years that I’ve not eaten in a week, and ye gods, am I suffering for it, though at least the reverie focuses much on the near-past as opposed to the far-past. I will gladly think about my mother’s calls, awkward as they are, every minute of the day if it means I never have to relive Tijuana again. Curling tighter in my sheets, I close my eyes and focus on meditative breathing, hoping to center myself. In… two… three… four… five… six. Hold… two… three… four… five… six. Out… two… three… four… five… six. Two more times, I breathe in, hold, and exhale to the count of six—

And I am elsewhere, somewhere on the ether, I believe is the technical term. My body completely relaxes in repose, but the scene before my wide open eyes is anything but relaxed—

I move towards the fire and squat down, one hand curving over the swollen belly of a pregnant friend, the other picking up the charred stick to stir the coals and rouse the fire. Another hand covers mine as lips touch the crook of my neck. “Time draws to a close. Soon our child will sleep in our arms.” The words spoken in that husky, beautiful voice sound similar to my beloved Gannicus. (As we are dressed in what look to be Roman clothing, my lucid, educated guess is that I dream of being his back then as well.)

I turn to him, my hands moving to rest on his chest. “How will we live, Gannicus? Do you believe we will win this war?”

His hands frame my face, his thumbs tracing my cheekbones. “I believe that we travel with Spartacus, and that we will crest these mountains, and that we will live a calm life in the valley below until the end of our days. We will raise this child and watch him grow into a man and father children of his own.” His mouth covers mine in a strong kiss and I push him down to the ground, my fingers tracing the ridges of his chest muscles as I murmur, “A life with you, however long or brief, is all I want. A child with you is a gift, Gannicus! Truly, I am blessed by the gods!”

Rolling me to my back, Gannicus’ lips spread in a wide smile as his hands move to the knot in my belt, unfastening it to remove the tunic altogether. In seconds, my skin is warm against his, our cocks sliding against one another in delicious pleasure and I arch into his touch, drown in his kiss—

He brings my hands above my head as his eyes meet mine, his voice thick when he speaks. “You are mine. As of this night, I bind you to me for always. We are of one soul, forever, you and I, Brennus and Gannicus, now of one body—” Gannicus fills me and I cry out as he does, though I do not take my eyes from his. “—for all of time. You are beloved husband to me as I am beloved husband to you, Brennus!”

I hear a low laugh echo through my brain as that wonderful voice I miss so much interjects, Yes, you guessed right… I did love you before.

My whole body reacts to the sound of his voice. I wrap the sheets tighter around me, my arms clasping my middle as a painful spasm wrenches through it. The feel of my pain startles him, he asking, What is wrong, River?

It is nothing, beloved Gannicus. I am merely trying to adapt to a different diet.

You want to eat animals instead of people?

I nod in answer to his query. ‘Cept I’m not real practiced in eating animals and so all my research has turned up is a whole lot of nothing. I’ve found animals listed, but I’ve not really come across a whole lot that I can make myself hunt. I feel like I have too much of the upper hand and that it’s not a fair fight—

You’d rather have bigger game.

I think I’d definitely feel better about killing something that could put up a decent fight. I’m used to stalking my own kind. I can’t stomach killing something that looks like a dog or a Bambi. I sigh heavily. Where did the daydream come from? Were we speaking Latin? Was that really a memory of you and me?

The daydream was a bit of a memory and a bit of a longing to be as we were then… together and inseparable. I miss you… and I thought that since you were sleeping, I would gift you with dream.


Hope you liked! 🙂

Thoughts on Pools

My Spot

This will be my spot I think, as I spend time in our new backyard.  The backyard will be where I write during the day and my bedroom will be where I write at night. Well, unless my roomies are out of town and then… the world back here is mine! 🙂

I am nervous about the drive to my dayjob until I find my new job, because I have been saving money on the non drive to the location I am at now. My new job will need to be flexible but need to pay at least what I make now plus be consistently 35-40 hours a week annnnd I would prefer that it be be an office job. Ain’t no way I’m going to be able to pay the gas from here to North Las Vegas and back 4-5 times a week. Plus, if I am completely honest, I am in a serious dislike with my job. It drives me nuts that I still haven’t reached where I was in 2004, payrate-wise. A decade ago, I still made more than I have ever made with this company. All right, Annie… move it along.

It’s strange to think that in 72 hours I will lay my head down in a completely different place. It’s weird to think about, especially since it’s been forever since I had a change of address. Halloween 2006, I left Texas for Nevada, with intent to move to SoCal in February. Now in July 2014, we’re boxing up and heading to the other side of the valley… where I will be entering into a comfortable arrangement with a beautiful pool. Still, it’s a change of address and I’ll need to change it in several different places, not just my license.

At least my editor knows where to find me. Haha!

My brother’s birthday was today (the 14th). He turned thirty-seven. I sent him a text. That’s how we do things lately, well, since this time last year when he thought I posted what he considered to be an offensive photograph to Facebook. He promptly unfriended me there, sending me a three line private message explaining that he couldn’t handle that “gay shit.” (He thought that I had the smarts to post a photo of two men kissing to my personal Facebook page… where all my very Southern Baptist could see it and comment about it. Until I had my author’s FB page, I had to be very careful about what I liked and didn’t like, because I am not ready to have that conversation with my whole family.) We had a long drawn out argument that ended up with me not having access to my brother. It’s a unique pain, being two thousand miles away from your whole family, yet realizing that there’s a much longer road than can be measured, to reaching someone that you never thought you could lose. I went down to Texas for the Christmas holidays last year and he stayed at arm’s length, even across a room.

I knew then that I could never come out to my family, not and still have them as family. Religion has too tight a hold of them. I think it would even damage the relationship I have with my mother, who I’m almost certain knows, but doesn’t actually want to know. I’m not even sure I’m making sense, and I hope that I’m just being paranoid, but I feel like the conversation is coming whether or not I want it to do so. The thought terrifies me.

Going back to my brother after that tangent. So it was his birthday and I sent him a text wishing him a happy birthday, and he sent back his gratitude, but he also asked if I was going to accept his friend request. Without ever having apologized for the hateful things he said to me, without ever having talked to me about it since then, a friendship request lands in my personal email box on July 5… and nine days later, because I feel the need to let him sit for a while and because I’ve not been on my personal page in over two weeks, he says, “Are you gonna accept my friendship request?” Well, let me think, dear brother. My heart still hurts from where you bruised it and those kinds of wounds don’t heal as fast as physical ones. Of course, I know to pick my battles and even if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be the kind of sister that would ruin my brother’s birthday, so I kept my angry and hurt thoughts to myself and instead told him that I’d not been on my personal page in a while, that when I got on it, I’d accept it.

It’s not a complete fabrication, but I still love my brother… despite his bigoted beliefs.

Thoughts like these make me happy I have a pool. Now I can immerse myself in water and let the rest of the anger and hurt float away. Quite exciting and relieving.

Well… I will curb this stream of consciousness and get to work before my beautiful men lose their patience. For now.

Strange Days

It’s been a weird few days, and I can’t help but wonder if it’s just me getting older or if I’m started to be less accepting of the things that are not in my control. I know that while my head is a mess, it’ll be like trying to see through a muddy window, but I keep trying. The song I’m listening to at the moment is actually quite a good soundtrack to this convoluted post.

“I know you know enough to say
I know you know enough to play the game

You want to be the one in control
You want to be the one who’s alive
You want to be the one who gets old
It’s not a matter of luck
It’s just a matter of time”

Yeah… gotta say I love Thirty Seconds to Mars. Most of Leto’s lyrics touch home in some way, shape or form. He might be a weird person, but the man can act and the man can write, and he’s often not bad on the eyes.

I don’t really know where this funk came from, but trying to sort through it is making it hard to focus on what really matters. I can’t help but wonder if what’s causing it is really not in my control? I mean, seriously… is it my pride that is keeping me from seeking out a different day job, or is it my pride that keeps me at my current one? Am I incapable of writing my own About Me section on a dating site, one that will actually spark the interest of my match or should I give up on the damn dating sites? If I’m supposed to give up on dating sites, then where the hell do I find a nice woman who wants to spend her life with me? It surely isn’t going to be at a bar, so where in Vegas do I look? *sighs in frustration*

And while I’m at it… I know that a bit of my frustration comes from looking too keenly at the stupid sales reports on Amazon. I’ve “sold” eight books from all the sites I’ve published on, and I am quite happy that eight people in the world took the time to purchase World’s End, because it’s great, but apparently, someone took it back to Amazon and asked for a refund.

This… this makes me sad and god, but it doesn’t help the rest of the crap going on in my head.

To whomever is out there that reads my blog, thank you for listening.