Rainbow Snippets #11

HUBBLE Westerlund 2


My Snippet today is from Pale Jewel again, this time from part of the rewritten beginning. Once again, it’s my obsession with Hephaistion Amyntoros raising its head. Hope you like!

“You were there, man! You were there, but you did nothing!” Jensen balled his fist, his jeweled eyes glittering as he raised it, but Hephaistion caught it and spun him about before it could land a blow.

Arms wrapped tight around Jensen, Hephaistion pressed a kiss to the man’s shoulder. “I slept through Alexander’s death, Jen, but I mourned his passing and the pain was so very keen. When I panicked and made you after Ptolemy, the fear of losing you was just as keen as my pain had been with Alexander.” His voice remained calm, though his heart felt as though Jensen’s hand squeezed it without mercy, “And when you need me, I will be around.”

Rainbow Snippets #10

NASA Cygnus Loop

So for this week, I’m taking from my new WIP Pale Jewel. The scene itself is a memory Phai is thinking of, taking place when he took his lover, Jen, to follow up on a lead. Hope you like!

And… admittedly, I went a few sentences over the six limit, but I couldn’t bring myself to break up the “end” of the scene. Please forgive!


Before them in a cavern of its own, sat the house of marble, the top of which held a frieze depicting the charge of Gaugamela, the painting still very much intact. Hephaistion, wearing a billowing black chlamys, rode alongside Alexander, his chlamys crimson as it snapped in the wind. Swords at the ready, cavalry close behind, Hephaistion remembered that unique charge, and as his upper left arm itched, he remembered the spear that had sliced through it. Hugging his arms, his gaze travelled to the half-open door, to the discoloration on the bottom right hand side.

A noise jerked him out of thought and he licked his lips as he turned to find Jensen knelt beside him, tears streaming down his face. Hephaistion pocketed Jensen’s phone and took the torch from him to lodge it upright in the soft earth next to them. Hitting his knees before his man, Hephaistion wrapped around Jensen and pulled Jensen’s wet face to his shoulder. “It was a long time ago—”

“The handprint—it comes from inside—” Jensen broke off, pushing his face into Hephaistion’s neck as his arms tightened around Hephaistion. “I mean—I believed you, you know I did—I’ve seen you come back to me.”

Rainbow Snippets #9

Rainbow Heart


Okay! Here’s my snippet this week! In honor of moms, I’ve chosen a snippet from my short story that never quite made it to the anthology I wished to submit to, but hopefully, I’ll find a home for it… here’s Through Her Sunken Dream, written to help bring awareness to mental illness, in specific for me, severe depression. Hope you like!


“Are you ready?”

Tara lifted her gaze to the door, seeing her mother standing there in a pretty blue dress bearing a floral pattern in lavender and pink. Her airy white sweater matched the handbag she carried in her left hand. Tara nodded, pushing her red hair over her shoulders, whispering, “Mom?”

Rebecca Webster crossed the room to cup Tara’s chin, her words quiet, “You are beautiful. You are a wonderful woman, you are my daughter, and I am so proud of you. Nothing will ever change that, Tara Diane; your dad and I couldn’t be prouder of you.”

Rainbow Snippets #8



I totally missed last week’s Snippet! Bad me! So… here for you today, another snippet from Sunken Dream. Hope you like! This one is a memory of one of the many great things that happened the day Tara met Mina.


A light knock came at the door.

Tara focused on the girl in the mirror, her face crumpling as she gasped, “I don’t think my spaceship knows which way to go!”

“Tara, baby, let me in!”

Whirling on her heel in a split second, she opened the door, pushing the blades into Mina’s hands. “Mina, I’m broken! My spaceship doesn’t know which way to go anymore!”

Rainbow Snippets #7

Rainbow Snippets01

I promised that I’d post again, because I’m finally writing again. 🙂 This is good. This is from a short story called Through Her Sunken Dream, and it’s about the effects of severe depression. It’s also two females in the lead this time, my second foray into that genre. Hope you like!

P.S.–I went a little over the six. Apologies!


Her vision blurred a bit, scaring her since the room was already dark. She shuffled over to the line of light with the moving shadow Tara figured must be her girlfriend. Her hands searched for the doorknob, slipping on the metal handle two or three times before managing to unlock the door. As it opened slowly, Mina careful of her proximity, Tara whispered, “We were snuggling… weren’t we?”

“You said you needed to pee,” Mina answered, keeping her voice calm, but her facial expression told Tara of the terror filling her. “I’m going to turn the light on, babe, because I need to see you.”

“I’m cold,” Tara told her girlfriend. “Can I have a blanket?”

Rainbow Snippets #6

Rainbow Snippets01

I’m actually going out on a limb here because I’m showing you something that’s never seen the light of day for ANYONE. Not a beta, not an editor, not anything or anyone other than my pretty little eyes. I don’t like the title, so working on that. The main characters are Caerwyn Morgan and Micah MacKenna. Caerwyn–or Ceri as Micah calls him– is an American widower living in London, where his partner died and was buried. Micah is a well-known actor who happens to live in the large flat beneath Caerwyn’s. They are on their first “date.” Micah starts the dialogue… and I couldn’t help it, I had to go one sentence over the six.


“I like hugs because you can be weak in them without having to apologize for it and, at the same time, you can draw strength from the love the person gives you while hugging you. I like kisses because I can lose myself in the kiss and really see the person I’m kissing far better than I can with my eyes open.”

Caerwyn lifted his head, gazing up into Micah’s honest mocha eyes as he thought, Interesting theory—I wonder if that’s true? I mean, not that I really could experiment to find out if that’s true or not… could I?

Caerwyn cradled the camera against his chest as he slid his free hand up to rest on Micah’s chest as he searched the other man’s face for any sign of objection. What the bloody hell are you doing, Caerwyn? Are you seriously about to kiss Micah MacKenna?

Snippet Sunday…


Rainbow Snippets02

And so begins my foray into the six sentence snippets of my WIPs… I’m hoping I can do this correctly! Haha… if not, it’ll be interesting to see how it works.

Without further adieu, here is my go:

Jonathan broached, stepping in close to tug David against him, his hands brushing David’s hair over his ears. “What upset you on this amazing day?”

“I think we should have the water checked out.” David sighed. “People keep drinking it, I’ma go crazy. Like the literal form—I will go farking insane.”


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