Good Day… Finally!

It’s about time, I think, or maybe I’m overdue, but today was a great day! 🙂 I didn’t get a whole lot done–still need to go get stuff from the old place–but there’s tomorrow. For starters, when I woke up this morning, Sarah from Blogbustours had PM’d me on Facebook with this little gem:

WE Tour Poster

And that’s just FANTASTIC by me. 🙂 So already you can see my day is going great! I got up my pride flag, the old Macedonia flag with the Vergina Sun, and the Japan Rising Sun flag and a few knickknacks put up also. Largely, it was a day spent with myself and talking to my mom on the phone a couple of times, and getting my check and paying the bills.

Mom and I also found me a great bed, so Lils and I will be sleeping like babies come this time next week! Hopefully tomorrow I will also remember to get a better razor so I can shave my silly legs! I WANT TO GO SWIMMING IN MY FABULOUS POOL!!!! Hahaha!