I had a shit night at work and I come home to find my beautiful new mattress airing out (apparently the kind I have has to do that!) and I’m so happy. Tomorrow will be a blissful night of sleep. So then I change out of the uniform and give the cat some water, and I set up my computer. I hit my personal email, find a reply from my mom. She’s happy and she’s proud of me for my book. That always feels good, so I’m happy. I go to my author’s email and find an email from Authorgraph that says I have a new review. I scratch my head because I didn’t think that the site monitored reviews…? Click on the email and it opens up to say:

Hello M,

Here is the activity summary for your books for the past 7 days.

Paid Books

Title Salesrank # Reviews
World’s End (Tied By Fate Book 1) 264,426 ▲ 14,658 2 (1 new)

I click on the “1 new” and it takes me to a FIVE STAR REVIEW of my book on Amazon… I am over the moon!!!!


Thank you, Books and Beyond Fifty Shades!!!