Tour Dates are Booked!

Well, with the tour company.  🙂  But still!  I am excited about this!  It’s my first book, my first tour, and my first real opportunity to help lots of someones in need, too!  I hope that it always feels this good to be an author!

Here be my tour announcement.  Pretty cover and so exciting!  😀

I can’t wait to go to my first release party!  I hope to see you all there!Image

Working Hard on Submission for Love Charity Anthology

I have almost a thousand words on it, and I really like where it’s going. Not to say it’s been a while since I wrote something like this, but I like that I get to touch on something I feel on such a personal level. I was bullied when I was a youth, not to the extent that I see these days, but I remember how hard it was in elementary school to be your own person when so many were telling you that you were doing it wrong. How do you be you wrong?

It still puzzles me to this day. Haha.

Still, thinking back on it as I write, if it was hard to be yourself correctly, then falling in love with someone was a hell of a thing. Adding in the small simple fact that you realize that you’re in love with someone of the same gender and that is your best friend–forget about it. There ain’t no goin’ back– you’ve dived into the wrong end of the pool and it hurts as you attempt to come up for air only to find you’ve not reached the surface.

Yeah, I can feel that. I can remember that pain. That is something I can write.

Day Job

Sometimes I feel like I’m ten again, trying desperately to figure out why someone would want to stand on their head… while I’m upside down against my bedroom wall trying desperately to stay upright and only getting what it feels like to give myself a headache because I’m not standing on my head the right way.

It’s those days that definitely make me glad that someday… maybe I’ll only have to deal with the people I want to deal with.

Like today. 🙂

Today is Friday and it’s the day I get to spend at home, working on the part of my life that really matters.