The Covenant: The Blog Tour


Haha! It’s Day Two of The Covenant Blog Tour! Today finds us at three lovely spots! First, we landed at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words, then at The Kimi-chan Experience, and finally at Nephy’s World. Alllll places you can enter to win a signed print copy of The Covenant!

The contest is running throughout the whole tour, so you’ve got plenty of chances to win… and it’s so easy to do. 🙂 The Rafflecopter actually tells you what to do to enter.

Day Two– January 18, 2016

Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words

The Kimi-chan Experience

Nephy’s World

The Covenant Printable 330 6x9 with logo

What People are Saying about The Covenant:

The Covenant will strip you bare and then carry you up out of darkness and into the light. It’s one of the most powerfully emotional stories I’ve ever read.”– Carly’s Book Reviews

“The bond and love David and Jonathan share runs deep. Something that I truly believe may be unbreakable.”–Bayou Book Junkie

“… I referred to David as the hero, and this is absolutely true. Like his biblical counterpart, David faces many giants, and each time, he comes out stronger. David is a fascinating character, and I have to wonder if he lived in our current time whether he would consider himself genderfluid or another non-binary identity. He’s shown as a sweet, feminine boy who might be mistaken for being delicate or weak—and this is how those who hate him want to see him. But he isn’t, and he repeatedly proves that he is both strong enough to fight for himself and strong enough to trust the people who love him to be at his side.” —A. M. Leibowitz

The Blurb:

When love is forbidden, who can you trust?

Seventeen year old David has been best friends with Jonathan for as long as he can remember, but the day he sees the pastor’s daughter press a soft kiss to Jonathan’s cheek everything changes. Overcome by jealousy, his explosive reaction reveals a deeper connection that sends their relationship spiraling down into dangerous territory.

When their clandestine love is discovered, they have nowhere to turn for help. The brutal circumstances of their parting test David and Jonathan’s  covenant to each other in unimaginable ways. Forced to face their fears, it is in their darkest moments that the two young men discover that the courage, hope, and strength they need to to fight for their love, has been the foundation of their covenant all along.

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The Covenant: The Blog Tour



Pride Promotions put this tour together, so this post will be updated daily, letting you know where to find all the good stuff! Each blog has exclusive content along with the usual– the blurb, the cover, the buy links, about the author– and so you’ll want to go see all of them. Rumor has it, some of the blogs have pieces of a short story, too. (But you didn’t hear that from me!)

Oh, and did I mention there’s a giveaway?

The Covenant Printable 330 6x9 with logo

The above art, done by Kellie Dennis of Book Cover by Design, is for the print copy. I love it! I fell in love with her art through a friend of mine, and I’ve secured her to do the rest of Covenant Series, too. She’s good people.

So without further adieu, here are the stops.

Day One– January 15, 2016 RELEASE DAY

Prism Book Alliance:

KathyMac Reviews:

Velvet Panic:

Mikky’s World of Books:

Carly’s Book Reviews:


RELEASE DAY: Indigent (CoolDudes Charity Book)

Indigent Vol 1 Front Cover

Now available as an e-book on Amazon and at, and in paperback on the CreateSpace store, INDIGENT’s release day has arrived! 😀 I’m so excited, and I know I’ve said it a bunch, but publishing alongside F.E. Feeley, Leona Windwalker, Mari Evans and Shaye Evans… it’s surreal! I’m stoked! Thankee to the gods for letting me be a part of this!


Five authors have joined together to produce stories evoking both loss and hope. Reaching deep within their fiery imaginations, these stories take flight and showcase dreams for a better today and future for LGBT everywhere. Embodying a diverse set of talents and stories, this volume sets out to grab the hearts of those who read the m/m genre and to offer hope to LGBT across the globe. By offering this book, we hope to support the following charities across the globe:

GALA, South Africa
Lost-n-Found, USA
Youth Off The Streets, Australia
The Albert Kennedy Trust, United Kingdom

This anthology edited by Louis J Harris and Kimi D Saunders

Indigent has been produced to entertain and delight and all the stories leave the reader with a “feel good” state of mind.

Frederick Eugene Feeley Jr’s “Indigent”, after which the anthology takes its name, brings the reader to witness an apocalyptic war between the good and evil that rages in one man’s mind. Soon he will know that his problems are insignificant compared to those of others.

Mari Evan’s “Stumbling into Forever”, involves a handsome young vampire who will learn that just a sip of blood is the difference between love and freezing to death.

Leona Windwalker’s “If Only the World”, takes rejection to another level. A heartbreaking story that is turned on its head by the kindness of strangers.

Shaye Evans’ “Rescued”, is a contemporary social statement about the aftermath of a young man’s life after his drink has been spiked at a bar.

M. LeAnne Phoenix’s “Higher Love”, takes us on an almost spiritual journey through the minds of two people who have never met, but have spoken on a telepathic level. When they do come together, that bond is already cemented, but there is a price to pay.

ANNOUNCEMENT: CoolDudes Anthology Cover and Release Date CHANGED

Personally, I am just STOKED!!!! Look at the beautiful front and back covers for this amazing anthology!!! How can you not be in love with them?

Yeahhhh… I’m so darn proud to be involved with this charity volume and I’m just totally honored to be publishing a story in the same pages as F.E. Feeley and Leona Windwalker! And in the same couple of days… to be added to the CoolDudes roster as one of their cool authors!

(Today has been a good day!)

Indigent Vol 1 Front Cover  Indigent Vol 1 Back Cover

So what are you waiting for? Get on over to HERE and get your pre-order going on!!!!