Rainbow Snippets #7

Rainbow Snippets01

I promised that I’d post again, because I’m finally writing again. 🙂 This is good. This is from a short story called Through Her Sunken Dream, and it’s about the effects of severe depression. It’s also two females in the lead this time, my second foray into that genre. Hope you like!

P.S.–I went a little over the six. Apologies!


Her vision blurred a bit, scaring her since the room was already dark. She shuffled over to the line of light with the moving shadow Tara figured must be her girlfriend. Her hands searched for the doorknob, slipping on the metal handle two or three times before managing to unlock the door. As it opened slowly, Mina careful of her proximity, Tara whispered, “We were snuggling… weren’t we?”

“You said you needed to pee,” Mina answered, keeping her voice calm, but her facial expression told Tara of the terror filling her. “I’m going to turn the light on, babe, because I need to see you.”

“I’m cold,” Tara told her girlfriend. “Can I have a blanket?”

10 thoughts on “Rainbow Snippets #7

  1. Yay for writing again! I like the snippet…I want to know more about what’s happening here. I love both the title and the premise, too.

    1. I saw the submission call go out and I wrote most of Sunken Dream– title from one of my favorite lines in one of my very favorite Bowie songs– on the plane back from visiting my parents in Texas a couple of weeks ago. If it doesn’t get picked up, I’m going to pick Kellie Dennis’ brain and get my own cover for it. 🙂 I’m very proud of this story!

      I do hope you like the full story!

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