“Do you wanna read a love story? It doesn’t have to be a long story…”

Haha! Everyone likes a flash sale, especially at Christmas! So here’s the deal I be offerin’:


Buy one of my two pretties…

Butterflies Are Free_XSmallfef81-worlds20end_medium

Get a copy of Sol’s Solstice by Leona Windwalker FREE from Smashwords!

Sol's Solstice

All you have to do is buy either Butterflies are Free or World’s End from Amazon.com, take a screenshot of it in your library and message me on Facebook to get a coupon for Sol’s Solstice 100% ABSOLUTELY FREE from Smashwords! Here are the three links you need:

FIRST BUY from Amazon:

Butterflies are Free by M. LeAnne Phoenix

World’s End by M. LeAnne Phoenix

THEN MESSAGE me a screenshot of my book in your library and your email address on Facebook

LASTLY, I will email you a coupon code good for SOL’S SOLSTICE on Smashwords!

… and soon, you’ll be cozy with a warm drink, a blanket and something sweet to take you away on a cold winter’s day, courtesy myself and the awesome Leona Windwalker! 🙂 Now, what could be better than that? ❤

You have to be quick… because this flash sale is only good 23 December 2014! At 12:01 on the 24th, it is gone!

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