DAY OF SILENCE: Challenge Issued By Timmy Ashton and Cody Kennedy, Day 2

Today, I accompanied Nicole and Grandpa to the hospital, but before that, we hit Sonic for lunch. Chris drove us and so I mainly used a text box to communicate before we left, and my order and my thanks at Sonic. When we got to the hospital, Granddad tried to make conversation again. This time, I used the notepad.


We went upstairs afterwards and Nicole asked me to walk Granddad around for a bit while she and the nurse sorted out Grandma. This was where it got complicated. I had 20 mins left of the challenge and I had to “make conversation” while we walked the halls. Most of it was nods, points, headshakes and listening. The thing I wondered at the end was this: do people think blowing people with no voice off when they ask a question is them being polite or do they actually realize and just don’t care that their “never mind, I forgot” makes it seem like the answer to their question isn’t all that important, which in turn translates as YOU aren’t important to them?

2 thoughts on “DAY OF SILENCE: Challenge Issued By Timmy Ashton and Cody Kennedy, Day 2

  1. I can see you also had a whole bunch of moments of illumination. Such an intense challenge. It will stay with me forever.

    As for your last question, I think people think they are doing you a favor by not waiting on your answer. It is a horrible feeling. Like you are being brushed aside, but you are supposed to feel GRATEFUL for it, because they are DOING IT FOR YOUR OWN GOOD.
    It pissed me off no end.

    Well done. High-five girl, you rocked this.

    1. Same here! I am so glad that I took it! Your introspective blog post helped me to even begin, let me tell you. I know that I will carry that little notepad around forever because the lesson learned was so intimate and life-changing.

      And my own answer to the last question was the same as yours, word for word. I felt quite dismissed, discarded, very much like someone shut a door in my face. Inconvenient. Didn’t have time to wait for me to express my words in the only way I knew how. And yes, exactly what you said: I was supposed to feel GRATEFUL because the DOING IT FOR MY OWN GOOD meant I didn’t have to take the time to take out my pad and pen and compose a short answer.

      Yeah, I was angry. Could’ve taken Challenge #2 today, BUT Timmy wants us to do them separately. Probably… for this very reason. 😀 Ha.

      Thanks for the compliments, and high-five back at ya! WE rocked this. 😀 ❤

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