Good Day… Finally!

It’s about time, I think, or maybe I’m overdue, but today was a great day! 🙂 I didn’t get a whole lot done–still need to go get stuff from the old place–but there’s tomorrow. For starters, when I woke up this morning, Sarah from Blogbustours had PM’d me on Facebook with this little gem:

WE Tour Poster

And that’s just FANTASTIC by me. 🙂 So already you can see my day is going great! I got up my pride flag, the old Macedonia flag with the Vergina Sun, and the Japan Rising Sun flag and a few knickknacks put up also. Largely, it was a day spent with myself and talking to my mom on the phone a couple of times, and getting my check and paying the bills.

Mom and I also found me a great bed, so Lils and I will be sleeping like babies come this time next week! Hopefully tomorrow I will also remember to get a better razor so I can shave my silly legs! I WANT TO GO SWIMMING IN MY FABULOUS POOL!!!! Hahaha!

Author: M. LeAnne Phoenix

M. LeAnne Phoenix would tell you that the worst time of her life was the two years that she attempted to take off from writing. If you asked her to explain exactly why she did such a thing, you would most likely get the mad attempt to arch an eyebrow like her dad and then a shake of the head as she told you it was unlucky to speak of such things. Suffice it to say, it will never happen again! Born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas in the mid-1970's, Ms. Phoenix was young and wild (and even free!) during the crazy wondrous decade known as the 1980's and the even crazier but now grungy decade of the 1990's. Music is second only to the muses that live and breathe to fill her mind with beautiful men, and music always helps them to tell their stories. She is never without her iPod or her computer no matter where she goes, although, she does like to hike and take pictures of the sky and the moon, and even the occasional shot of the sun through the branches of a tree. An avid cat lover, Ms. Phoenix has been owned by many throughout her life, though her current owner is one Gypsy Jo, who really would like for her to step away from the keyboard and pay her some attention! After all, hasn't she earned it? M. LeAnne Phoenix can be found on Facebook at As this is her first real foray into the professional world of writing, there will be more social media to come.

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